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Students governance


         Election of council officials

The Dean of Students   starts by requesting interested students to collect nomination forms on expiry of the current term of office for the council officials.

The notice includes information on:-

a)      Candidates’ qualifications

b)      Deadline for returning nomination forms

c)      Election date

d)     Date to assemble in the hall to listen to the interested candidates

e)      Posts to be vied for.

This communication is to be done at least 2 weeks before the election date.

At least two days after the expiry of the deadline to submit nomination forms, the Dean of Students   categorize the nomination forms as per the posts being vied for and verify whether the candidates for each prospective post have the necessary qualifications.  

            In the event that any of the interested students does not meet the criteria for vying, the Dean of Students inform the candidates with reasons thereof. The Dean of Students  then prepare a list of all qualified candidates stating the posts they are vying for and display it on the institute’s notice boards within a day of verification.

            The Dean of Students   ensures that the candidates carry out the campaign as per the provisions in the MTTI Students council constitution failure to which he/she takes the necessary action.

            At least a day before the Election Day, the Dean of Students   prepares ballot papers and select a presiding officer and other officials to oversee the election.

            In selecting the officials to oversee the elections, the Dean of Students   appoints the members of staff and inform them of the appointment.

            On the material day of the elections the Dean of Students   in liaison with the presiding officer ensures:-

a)      Ensure smooth running of the voting process.

b)      Handle any anomalies arising during the election process

c)      Ensure that the Votes are counted at the end of the voting exercise in the presence of the witnesses/agents.

d)     Ensure that the witness/agents sign the results as evidence of consent.

e)      Announce the results once the counting process is completed.

               The Dean of Students   ensures during the subsequent assembly meeting swear in the elected officials in the presence of the Principal and the MTTI fraternity and then organises for an induction exercise.


Monitoring of the council’s operations

In monitoring the operations of the Council, the Dean of Students :-

a)      Ensure that the council holds consultative meetings with the administration at least once per term

b)      Approve all activities of the Council.



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