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ODeL Learning


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Welcome to Michuki T.T.I ODeL department. We are gland and feel honored for your interest in the department.


Increase in access to education and training of citizens in many countries, especially in third world countries has been a challenge to the respective governments. This has been because a great portion of the population is not in a position to fit in the conventional schools and colleges due to various reasons, for example, work schedules, cost of training, and family obligations.

Open, Distance and eLearning has become so important due to worldwide Covid Pandemic 19. The pandemic has affected physical learning causing learning institutions physical learning disruption. The pandemic has also come along with health protocols including social distancing. This means in physical learning the no of students per class has reduced. In this respect blended learning (mixed mode learning) online and physical learning has become the solution to cope with this pandemic.

With no connection with COVID 19 Pandemic, the concept of flexible and blended skills development is the way to go in the modern digital world to try and expand access to education and skills development.

Objectives of the department

üTo support academic departments on open, distance and e-learning services

üTo promote blended learning; integrating distance (remote) and residential learning

üTo promote online learning (e-learning) infrastructure and services to support both distance and residential learning

üTo promote and coordinate technical and vocationalskills development short courses-both formal and informal

üTo promote strategies and possibilities of establishing a satellite campus in Kangema Township

üTo promote and coordinate flexible mode (part-time training)-evening, school holidays and weekends

üTo promote industry and community partnership in skills development for sustainable development

National and Regional Intervention on ODeL Activities and Processes

MoE state department for vocational and technical training has established National TVET ODeL centre at the Kenya Technical Teachers College, Nairobi to support TVET institutions on ODeL. With this, a national steering committee on TVET ODeL has been established. Below it, TVET regional representatives have been appointed based on the 5 Kenya Association of Technical Training Institutions (KATTI) regions.

TVET has designed and dissemination TVET ODeL standard to streamline and regulate ODeL activities in TVET.

MOE-SD VTT also working with other agencies such as Kenya Education Network (KENET) and Safaricom to support online and distance learning in TVET.

Online Learning Platforms

There are basically two classes of online learning platforms i.e

(Programmed Lessons Learning Platforms)

These are software application used for administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation and delivery of educational and training courses. LMSs are designed to support teachers and teacher educators in administering and managing accessible courses and programs. Learners can pace themselves and access the course material at any time and at their pace and virtually anywhere. Learning management systems store confidential data such as training content, student information and teacher information. These platforms include Moodle, Talent LMS, Canvas, Blackboard, MookIT.

(Remote Teaching Platforms)(Web conferencing platforms)(Video conferencing platforms)

These platforms are used to hold live training sessions and webinars. These sessions usually simulate a physical classroom hence allow teachers to have real-time interactions with students. The platforms include kenet web conferencing, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx and Google teams.

Both platforms classes are important due to their varied advantages. For example virtual platforms stimulate physical classes and interactions between learners and teachers. LMS are more comprehensive learning software; allow programmed lessons, more effective in monitoring & tracking and cheaper in accessing learning content. However LMS is more costly and involving to deploy as compared to virtual classes platforms. The two can be used separately and in integrated mode.

In light of the above, Michuki T.T.I has deployment Moodle Learning Management System(LMS) and Google Apps for Education-Google Meet and Google classroom as Online learning platforms.

Open, Distance and e-Learning (ODeL)

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