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Michuki TTI is a proud to announce that they have a modern library with enough material for learning and research. The library is managed by competent staffs that are trained on how to manage resource for effective utilization by staff student and external researcher who use the library. The library has an in-house cyber that is only used for research purpose (all computers are connected to fast internet connectivity).


MONDAY – FRIDAY   8.30 am – 8.30 pm

SATURDAY                  8.30 am - 12.30 pm

The library remain closed on Sundays and public holidays or any other time notified by the principal or librarian.

Michuki TTI library membership is restricted to registered members of staff, students and persons recommended by the principal.
Members of public are not normally allowed access to the college library BUT exceptions may be made at the discretion of the principal under such conditions as may be prescribed.



Once registered, students are issued with a borrower’s pocket and this must be available whenever a member wishes to borrow a book. Borrower’s pockets are not transferable and the loss of this card should be reported immediately. Members are responsible for any books issued against their National ID card and will be required to pay the cost of any loss or damage to books issued to them. They will also pay for the replacement of any lost card /pocket.


The borrower presents the books to be borrowed, (the library pocket and an ID card incase it is a student) to the staff at the issue desk who will record the loan at the issue register before the borrowers sign. The date of return for the book is then stamped on the book. Certain publication may not be borrowed out at all, such as reference books marked “ref”, newspapers and loose periodicals.

The loaning periods for books and the number of books that may be borrowed by each category of members are as follows;

Teaching staff: 6 books renewable after every three months.

Students: 3 books for two weeks renewable once.

All books borrowed by the students MUST be returned by the end of the term. Books must be returned on time. Fines will be charged for the books returned after the due date i.e. fines are Kshs 5.00 per day per book. Persistent offenders may have library privileges withdrawn.


The library will reserve a particular title for a member and hold it for three days during which it can be collected.

Details of this service are available at the issue desk.


Since the books are not classified, they are arranged according to department or section e.g. Clothing technology text books are all arranged together.

The library has special collections of materials as shown below;


Books on high demand can only be borrowed for three days and they are placed on the circulation desk at the request of the teaching staff. Borrowers who keep short loan books for more than 3 days may in addition to normal fines have their borrowing facilities withdrawn for a period to be determined by the librarian.


Current periodicals and newspapers are placed on the reading tables. Bound newspapers and those awaiting binding are placed on the circulation desk and are available on request.

Any enquiries concerning the availability and use of periodicals are addressed to the librarian.


This consists of general reference and subject works. These are dictionaries atlases etc.

They are for use in the library only and are placed on the circulation desk.


 The library has a baggage area near the entrance for leaving the bags, coats etc before entering the library. Although the area is supervised, library users are advised, in their interest, not to leave valuable items there, or on tables inside the library .Bags, shawls and coats are not allowed beyond this baggage area. User’s books and files are searched as they leave the library.

Seating spaces

 Seating spaces in the library are limited .Users should not reserve them by leaving books or other belongings on the tables when they leave the library. Such items are liable to be removed and may get lost. THE LIBRARY WILL TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY OVER SUCH LOSES.


Users are advised NOT to re-shelve books after use. LEAVE BOOKS ON THE TABLES AFTER USE.


The library staffs are charged with the responsibility of providing service to the users and to see that the library regulations are observed. Users therefore should not hesitate to approach the library staff for guidance and assistance when required.



Hair dressing, beauty and clothing fashion
Hair dressing, beauty and clothing fashion
Building department
Building department
Electrical engineering practicals
electrical department
electrical department
Food production science and catering
Food production science and catering
Information communication technology
Information communication technology
Mechanical department
Mechanical department
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