Industrial Liaisons Office

Internship Induction:

Industrial attachment is a part of academic curriculum in that what is learnt in classes and in workshops is integrated well with the day-to-day world of work.

It also helps students to prepare adequately for examinations.

Industrial attachment is Compulsory- KNEC requirement

At least one-3 months/12 weeks:

Modular Programme

-After completing 1 year of training/after sitting Module I Examinations

TEP Programme, Artisan course

After sitting the final KNEC exam


Ksh 2 250/=

  • Insurance cover
  • (Sourcing for attachment)
  • Assessment
  • Industrial attachment tools
  • Certificates of industrial attachment

Benefits of Industrial attachment

  • The program enhances understanding and appreciation of what is learnt in class. This in turn helps them prepare adequately for examinations.
  • Industrial attachment forms the first real job experience. Trainees learn the challenges, dynamics and expectation of the real world of work. Industrial attachment is very useful when seeking job placement after training.
  • The program gives trainees an opportunity to meet, interact and network with their future prospective employers.
  • A linkage between the institute, industries and the employers

Sourcing for industrial attachment

Self sourcing

Trainees are given open letters to visit industries/organizations/factories/firms that can offer appropriate and relevant industrial skills.

Friends, parents/guardians may assist the trainee.

Institution sourcing

Institution sources attachment for students based on the attaches’ preferred town of attachment. This is not guaranteed-may get or not get. However the institution does its best within the limited region.

Limited regions

Within Mt Kenya Region but restricted to: Nyeri, Murang’a, Up to Thika in Kiambu, Meru, Embu & Kirinyaga counties and regions.

Discipline while on Industrial attachment

  1. Relationships
  2. Punctuality and absenteeism
  3. Attire/gear/dressing

-descent, well groomed, clean/neat

  1. Respect, language, mannerisms, privacy, out-of-bounds, social distance
  2. Care of Tools & documents

Represent the institution very well; build a foundation for others from MTTI who would like to join the organization in future for employment or attachment





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