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Building Department

The Department of Buildings ensures the safe and lawful use of  buildings and properties by enforcing the Building Code, Electrical Code, Zoning Resolution, Our main activities include performing plan examinations, Training and inspecting properties .In all our activities, our focus is on safety, service and integrity.

The Department of Buildings plays a critical role in facilitating development and ensuring safety at construction sites throughout The College. Construction is vital to the College  continued growth, and at the Department, the work of every staff member leads to the creation of new Building, new offices. Our experts in engineering, architecture and construction have transformed this Department into a worldwide leader in development and construction safety. 

So apply today – and help us build this nation together!

Careers Areas

  1. Chief Code Architect
  2. Chief Code Engineer
  3. College Aide
  4. Construction Inspector
  5. Electrical Inspector
  6. Elevator Inspector
  7. Executive Engineer for Cranes Operations
  8. Executive Engineer for Safety Operations
  9. Junior Business Analyst
  10. Low Pressure Boiler Inspector
  11. Plumbing Inspector
  12. Plan Examiner
  13. Senior Project Manager

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