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ODF Learning



Departmental Motto:

Technical & Vocational Skills for Sustainable Development


Increase in access to education and training of citizens in many countries, especially in third world countries has been a challenge to the respective governments. This has been because a great portion of the population is not in a position to fit in the conventional schools and colleges due to various reasons, for example, work schedules, cost of training, and family obligations.

Thus, the concept of flexible and blended skills development is the way to go in the modern digital world to try and expand access to education and skills development. Michuki T.T.I open, distance & flexible learning department (ODFLD) has the following objectives:-

  1. Promoting ICT integration in teaching and learning
  2. Co-ordinate the design and implementation of short technical and vocational courses for both formal and informal sector
  3. iii.Co-ordinate strategy on the design and implementation of distance learning programmes
  4. Co-ordinate the design and implementation of institutional plans for satellite centre in nearby township (Kangema Town)

The Michuki T.T.I ODFLD work in collaboration with other institutional departments to design and implement its programmes i.e ICT Support, ICT, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Business Studies, Institutional Management, liberal studies, mathematics and science.

Currently the following short courses are on offer in the department:-

  1. Part-time computer training programme
  2. Driving Training Programme
  3. KCB 2Jiajirii technical vocational skills development programme
  4. Equity Wings to Fly technical vocational skills development programme
  5. Windsor hotel maintenance staff trade & skills development programme



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