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Liberal Studies


The Liberal Department is a service department at Michuki Technical Training Institute. We serve all Technical and Vocational departments i.e. Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Institutional Management, Building Technology, Business and ICT.

Why study our courses

The courses we offer include : Communication Skills and Life Skills to Diploma and Certificate students , and General Studies to Artisan level students . The courses equip a learner with various skills . You as a learner are able to :

  • Learn how to communicate effectively in a work environment whether in private business or employment by learning Communication Skills. Stand out and don’t just communicate;communicate effectively.
  • Learn how to become employable in this rapidly changing world through Life Skills. Learn how to negotiate, solve conflict  and even make decisions that will better your employability chances.
  • Be empowered to be a manager by learning how to make and communicate with clients and workers.

. Departmental Mandate

  1. To enable learners develop attitudes, values and skills that provide responsible and quality lifestyles.
  1. To produce all rounded individuals who can express themselves effectively in all situations.

Staff and responsibilities.

Currently the department has five experienced lecturers who have lecturing experience  in Communication and Linguistics. Our lecturers are passionate about their work and are always available to offer support to the learners.


  1. The library has modern and relevant books for the courses offered by our department.
  2. All the students have access to the internet through the institute resource centre.
  3. Past papers are available for use by the students in preparation for their examinations. 
  4. The department, through the industrial liaison office, helps students to secure industrial attachment to gain practical experience in the industries related to their courses.
  5. We are in the process of introducing e-learning in Life and Communication Skills to all students.
  6. We also make learning interesting by having regular educational trips.

A light moment during a trip to Kenyatta University at the Post Modern Library.

7. The department has introduced a Debate Club to help improve learners’ public speaking skills


Caroline Anindo,

Head of Department

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