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ICT Department


Welcome Message

Welcome to ICT department webpage. We are delighted and feel honored that out of your busy schedule, you have found time to visit us. We believe that you will be happy to find out what we are doing as a department towards the realization of our National and Global goals in the field of Information Communication Technology.


The department is well equipped with five computer labs. Four small labs with an average of 14 computers each and fifth main lab with 44 computers. We have cabled and WIFI LAN supplied internet connection of 5mbps bandwidth. We are proud to have competence lecturers and support from top management. Our college fee is affordable and there is support from HELB loan and bursary.

Information Technology is changing continuously and rapidly. Globalization and liberalization are radically reshaping technologically, the Information Technology development practices.

Information is an important resource in the day-to-day operations of individual organizations and society. The world has evolved to an age where information is an essential commodity because of the role it plays in promoting education, research and development

The Diploma and certificate in Information Technology programme shall provide an interdisciplinary approach for training Information Technology professionals who need working competency in all sectors of the economy.

Why study the programme
The programmes will therefore provide Information Technology graduates with a real world technological experience that will prepare them into the fields of Business and Information Technology for the economic growth and prosperity of the region and world at large.

Target Groups
O level students who wish to take a career  in Information Technology sector as programmers, web developers, database designers and administrators, networking, Business managers, business developers among others. It is vital to ensure proper organization and distribution of information in all organizations for their proper functioning. This has not been the case due to inadequate knowledge and skillful information handlers.  As a result the department wanted to meet this need in the society and the world thus the introduction of the Programme.

Programme Objectives

  1. To provide students with a broad base knowledge of Information Technology in order to manage the information in modern world.
  2. To provide an understanding of perspectives that forms the context of Information Technology.
  3. To provide graduates with practical real world examples of equipment and services found in modern world.
  4. To produce an  Information Technology professional whose qualification will be recognized in the world of modern world
  5. Meet the increasing demand in the labor market for Information Science experts.
  6. To meet the market demand in training information specialist who will be equipped with knowledge and skills to manage libraries information centers and information resources in a changing environment that is fast embracing the use of information Technology



Entry Requirement



Diploma in ICT

KCSE C- OR Craft Certificate in ICT

3 Modules


Craft Certificate in ICT


2 modules


Leah Chege
HOD ICT Department


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