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College Vision and Mission


To become a leader in provision of Technical, Industrial, Vocational, Entrepreneurial Training in Kenya and beyond.


To provide high quality Technical, Industrial, Vocational, Entrepreneurial Training in a conducive environment using appropriate technology to empower trainees for individual and national development.


  • To produce relevant, competent and quality human resource for the labour market.
  • To actively and continuously transfer technology to address  community and industrial needs.
  • To generate applied knowledge in ICT and other emerging areas.


  • In pursuit of its vision and mission, MTTI will be guided by the following core values
  • Quality Services
  • Technological Innovations and Creativity
  • Leadership and Team work
  • Professionalism and Ethics


  • Education & training.
  • Management of resources, facilities and the environment.
  • Provision of conducive learning environment.
  • Manage and expand the production units.
  • Promote creativity and innovation through research.
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